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AuroraHut Gift Card
Price €240.00 / pcs


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Looking for a great gift for your loved ones? 

Donate a free igloo night in Lapland!

Looking for a memorable anniversary or birthday gift? Here's a gift idea you won't come across easily. Delight your family members or friends by gifting them a memorable AuroraHut igloo night at Ranua in Finnish Lapland. This gift card is a great gift idea for couples celebrating an anniversary or celebrating their wedding, for example.

Full service accommodation

In addition to the AuroraHut igloo boat stay, a special gift voucher includes opportunity to enjoy the gentle steam of our traditional lakeside sauna.

Unlike regular glass igloos, you can place your AuroraHut igloo boat to a location of your own choice on lake Ranua and enjoy scenery and nature phenomena such as the Northern Lights or the famous mid-summer nightless night at your desired location. This is a totally new way to enjoy the igloo accommodation in Finnish Lapland.

A memorable gift

One of the bad things about gifts is that the memories of them usually fade away quite quickly. A totally different kind of igloo stay in AuroraHut is something that will stay in the receivers' mind for a long time though. Surrounded by the beautiful and virtually unspoilt nature of Lapland, this property offers its guests memorable experiences that are worth experiencing at least once in their lifetime. So if you are looking for a gift idea. which remains in the mind of the recipient for the rest of your life, you are definitely in the right place. 

How to use the gift card

The AuroraHut glass igloo gift card can be used by making a reservation for the receiver of the card manually (either by e-mail or telephone) at the desired time and using the code on the card as a "method of payment" at check-in after the arrival.