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Two bedroom apartment
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Two bedroom apartment

Our two bedroom apartment is located at the end of Gasthaus Ranua. The entrance is through the room's own terrace and door, which makes the room a little separate from the other room options in our inn.

As the name implies, the two-bedroom room has two bedrooms with a total of four single beds and a cot. In addition, the accommodation capacity can be easily increased with the help of additional mattresses.

The equipment of the room is modern. Features a private TV, two armchairs and a sofa. The kitchen is equipped with modern appliances such as a private stove, microwave, coffee and kettle, and a refrigerator. The apartment also has a large kitchen table with chairs for up to eight people at a time.

Standard amenities include a private toilet and washroom.

The room includes:

  • Two bedrooms with a total of four adult beds and a children's bed.
  • Private washroom and toilet
  • Breakfast and access to the inn's electric sauna are included in the room rate.
  • Features a large kitchen table with five chairs, a sofa and two armchairs, a private kitchen with modern appliances such as a coffee machine, stove and microwave, and a TV and TV level.